The Intrinsic Link

Founded in 2023 The Intrinsic Link is a company of landscape architects and designers creating engaging spaces for various clients around the north of the UK. Grounded in understanding of various design styles and principles our work looks to create spaces with individuality and a strong identity while complimenting vernacular character, responding to a setting, and fulfilling the needs of our clients.

Our mission

We are committed to making our designs and builds as sustainable as possible reusing and repurposing wherever possible by including hard and soft materials, aggregates and established plants, identified at the survey stage, within our designs. Working with the landform and existing vegetation we try to preserve established trees and soil structure by building from the ground up and reuse excavated soil within the design. Building materials are sourced from the local area where available and natural materials are preferred. Our planting is pollinator and bird friendly following the motto ‘right plant, right place’; drought tolerant species are preferred for herbaceous planting, if conditions allow it, reducing reliance on water.